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What is Asbestos & Why is it In My House? 

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that, because of its fire-resistant properties, became a popular building material during the 19th century. It was used in a huge variety of ways, both deep in the structure of homes (like pipes, joint compounds, and insulation) and on the surfaces we see every day (like wallpaper, decorative plaster work, and tiling). 
The use of asbestos continued into the 1980's when its negative health impacts became clear. So, if your house was built before 1990—chances are high that asbestos is in your home.


Asbestos Removal

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Dangers of Asbestos

When asbestos-containing materials crumble, rip, or are otherwise broken apart, fibers that make up the mineral can be released into the air. Once inhaled, asbestos dust moves deep into the lungs, where it can cause inflammation, scarring, and a number of cancers and respiratory diseases.  
These problems can be caused by long-term exposure to asbestos, or by single exposures to high concentrations of asbestos dust—such as those generated by asbestos removal, demolition during construction, or remodeling work.

Call in the Professionals.

Unlike other companies who have tacked asbestos removal onto a long list of their supposed specialties, at Prairie Asbestos Testing & Removal, asbestos removal is what we do. We are:  


  • A small, efficient team specializing in asbestos removal 

  • Experienced in handling all kinds of asbestos presentations 

  • Passionate about safety, for you, your family, and our workers 

  • Dedicated to addressing your asbestos issues properly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective way 

  • Committed to carefully communicating with our clients so they feel informed and in control—every step of the way 

Whether you discover potential asbestos material—or if you’re about to embark on a remodel and are concerned asbestos is present—it’s important to call in experts to help you assess and abate the situation. Call Prairie Asbestos Testing & Removal for the most experienced, most specialized, and most customer-friendly asbestos removal in your area!


We are proud to call Saskatchewan home, and happily provide the best customer services and quality of work that Saskatchean has to offer in the world of Asbestos Removal. Call us, we can help with any Asbestos Removal project you have in Southern & Central Saskatchewan.



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